What We Do

Our person-centered approach meets people where they are, helps them identify their goals and abilities, provides them with the tools and training to help them successfully pursue a career path, and most important of all, helps them believe in themselves and fulfill their own potential.


Our Disability Services department offers classroom training, real-life experiences, one-on-one coaching, and on-going support to help adults with physical, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities—as well as other challenges—secure and maintain gainful employment. We meet our clients where they are, help them identify their strengths and interests, and work with them to chart their path towards long-term success


Utilizing a one-on-one, highly-customized approach, our Career Services department not only helps our clients navigate today’s increasingly complex and demanding job market, we provide our clients with the support they need to stay focused and motivated throughout the job-seeking process, no matter how long that may take.


Without a doubt, education and literacy are key to the success of virtually any job search—or career pursuit. The ability to communicate, learn, and process new information and ideas paves the way for JVS clients to increase their employability, capitalize on the job opportunities presented to them, and transform their lives—now, and for generations to come.


Today’s business environment is both fast-moving and volatile. Staying on top of the latest trends and best practices is an organizational imperative for businesses that want to remain competitive. Our Corporate Training department offers literally dozens of customizable training programs—taught by subject matter experts who are leaders in their fields—to meet the needs and improve the performance, productivity, and profitability of any business.


JVS Custom Production Services offers MetroWest area businesses a way to give back to the community while improving their bottom line. For an extremely affordable fee, our team of hard-working associates performs a broad scope of valuable tasks—from assembly, to labeling, to packaging, to quality control, to mailing services—and delivers a high-quality result, despite their myriad of functional disabilities.

Many people look at the populations we serve and see only their limitations. We look at the populations we serve and see the possibilities.