Our Impact

How do we measure impact? One life-changing difference at-a-time.

Last year, we served 4,607 unique individuals from across our community. Unique in terms of their circumstances. Unique in terms of their abilities. Unique in terms of their needs. Unique in terms of their potential.

As a result, we at JVS measure our impact incrementally—not simply by the number of people we serve, but by the progress they make on their journeys to employment, self-sufficiency, and independence. One life-changing difference at a time.

What makes JVS unique is that we have ONE focus, and one focus only: to help people experiencing a variety of challenges get and keep a job. All our time and all our resources are focused on helping the more than 2,000 individuals we serve each year achieve that goal.

Why do we do it? Because we understand that above all else, each of us wants to be self-reliant. To have a job and earn a paycheck. To put our skills to good use. To make our own way in the world. To help ourselves–and help others. And, most importantly, to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Matthew Lieberman

Employee, The Calais School
JVS Vocational Rehabilitation Program Participant

Maria Garcia

Refugee from Ecuador Employee, Starbucks in Maplewood Student, JVS Education & Literacy Program

“Not only do we help people find work–we help people find work who thought there’d never be an opportunity for them to even have a job.”

Mort Bunis, Past-president,
JVS Board of Trustees