Custom Production Services

We make it possible for businesses to do well–and do good.

Custom Production Services

Does your business want to give back to the community, provide opportunities for people with disabilities to work, and improve your bottom line? The JVS Custom Production Services (CPS) team offers area businesses, non-profits, and community institutions a tried-and-true way to make a meaningful difference while achieving your organizational goals.

“It’s amazing to see a person who is on the (Autism) Spectrum that is all of a sudden focused on something outside of his norm. Working with JVS means our clients are happy—and their clients are happy. It’s beneficial to all sides involved.”

–Dror Iakob, Sales and Marketing Director
Expack USA

The philosophy of our Custom Production Services department is never underestimate the abilities of people with disabilities. The more than 70 individuals who make up our workforce are focused on performing their jobs at the highest levels. More importantly, they truly enjoy what they do—work gives them purpose, provides them with a paycheck, and builds pride and self-esteem. Their work also enables program participants to build their skills and enhance their resumes as they prepare for employment in the community. No cost, no obligation price quotes are available for all CPS services.

Mailing Services

Our Custom Production Services department can handle virtually all your mailing needs—from assembling multi-piece mailings, to labeling, sorting, applying the postage, and delivering the mailing to the post office. We also offer mailing list optimization services to eliminate duplicates or incorrect addresses, which saves you money. Best of all, turnaround times are reasonable, our prices are affordable, and we guarantee to deliver every job on time—and on budget. No wonder JVS is the largest bulk mailer in East Orange.


Whether it’s assembling packets for a direct mail promotion or products for a consumer sampling campaign, our CPS team is ready to meet your needs. You deliver the materials to our on-site facility in East Orange, show us how you want the materials assembled, and we’ll deliver the finished product to you, packaged and organized to your specifications.


Many CPS clients come from the manufacturing industry, and our dedicated workforce is adept at labeling even the smallest item with accuracy and precision—from bottles, to tubes, to disposable packets, to jars. Our team members work very hard—and take great pride in their work—which means you can rest assured that the end result will not only meet your expectations—it will exceed them.

Inspection and Packaging Services

Many of our clients hire JVS Custom Production Services to process more than one aspect of a job; for instance, we’ll not only place the label on a small tube, we’ll also insert that tube into a box we have assembled, and then sort and package the boxes into larger containers ready to be labeled and shipped to distribution points across the United States. As we package these products, we inspect each item to ensure that the quality of the merchandise meets our clients’ specifications and standards. This comprehensive approach enables our clients to save time and money by keeping the entire process under one roof.

Goldshield® Surface Antimicrobial Solution

Goldshield is an alcohol-free, water-based, antimicrobial solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs and provides an invisible shield after only one application. It is FDA-approved and safe for children. Best of all, with one application, Goldshield will remain effective for up to 90 days on many hard, non-porous, washable surfaces, including desks, work tables, counters, and hand rails. JVS Custom Production Services team members dilute, bottle, and distribute Goldshield to businesses throughout the State of New Jersey. State, county, and municipal agencies can purchase Goldshield through the New Jersey State Procurement Contract.

For more information–or a free, no obligation price quote–please contact Deborah Mitchell at 862-704-2287 or

At JVS, we believe each of us has the right to live and be treated with dignity–and everyone has something of value to contribute to the world.