Student Loans and Grants

We help make higher education more affordable by providing financial assistance to qualified students.

Student Loans and Grants

It’s no secret that the costs associated with pursuing a higher education are skyrocketing. To help local Jewish students make their higher education experience more affordable, JVS provides two forms of financial assistance to qualified students:

Perlmutter Student Loans

These need-based, interest-free loans of up to $3,000 are available to Jewish college students from the MetroWest area who need financial assistance in order to pursue their full-time college education or graduate program. The loans are awarded only after the student has exhausted all other forms of financial aid available. Repayment of the loan begins one year after the student’s graduation and is paid on a monthly basis over a period of five years until the loan has been repaid in full. The scholarship loan fund is named after its originator, Benjamin Perlmutter, a long-time board member and past president of JVS.  He was a leader in the Jewish community.

Download the application here

Download the Guarantor Information here and Financial Aid Worksheet here

Shapiro Foundation Grants

These one-year grants are available to help Jewish students pursue post-graduate degrees in medicine, medical science, graduate nursing, and/or rabbinical school. Funded by the Estate of Belle Shapiro, these grants may be renewed each year, pending the approval of the executors of the Estate.

Download the application here.

Download the Financial Aid Worksheet here

The deadline for this year’s loan and grant applications is June 3, 2024.

For more information, please contact Jane Eliasof at 862-704-2295 or