Enroll in New NJ LiLA program at JVS

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development recently introduced a new pilot program to fund the training of unemployed and employed low-income individuals without other degrees or credentials. It’s known as “LiLA” for “LIfelong Learning Accounts” and JVS is the only agency in northern New Jersey designated to enroll people in the program.

Eligible adults (18+) can receive up to $9,600 per person to pay for: 1) training toward an industry recognized credential or degree, and 2) wraparound services, such as childcare and transportation, that may be necessary to complete their education and training programs. They will work with a JVS Career Specialist to develop an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) to develop and manage their LiLA funding and support their success.

To be eligible for LiLA, people must be residents of New Jersey, have income levels consistent with ALICE thresholds (see below), and are unemployed for more than 26 weeks or significantly underemployed. 

If you’d like to speak with someone at JVS to see if you qualify for LiLA, please fill out this registration form and check the LiLA Program box. Someone will get in touch with you. 


Single Adult$33,984
One Adult, One Child$48,408
One Adult, One in Child Care$52,440
Two Adults$49,728
Two Adults, Two Children$72,480
Two Adults, Two in Child Care$82,176
Single Senior$38,328
Two Seniors$59,676